Voice and Data Cabling

Voice and Data Cabling is a heading that comprises all of the traditional connectivity applications as well as the newer solutions available today. These solutions range from traditional copper network deployments for end user devices to advanced fiber installations for cross-campus connectivity, as well as audio/video application cabling. A properly installed cable plant is critical to network health.
structured cabling


The cable plant is the true backbone of a network. It is the highway that connects the network gear to the endpoints throughout a location –ranging from the traditional computer station to the (relatively) newer voice over IP phone system, the IP security devices through campus, and digital displays. Even “wireless” access points need a cable most of the time.

As today’s networks begin to utilize increasingly higher bandwidth applications, a healthy cable plant void of issues that cause packet loss is a must-have, and a properly installed cable plant will provide excellent services for ten to twenty years or more. In fact, our network cable plants traditionally carry manufacturer’s warranties for fifteen to twenty-five years.

A properly installed cabling solution (whether it be voice, data, or audio visual) should also be capable of growth and change as an organization requires it, and we approach all projects (as with network hardware) from a long term perspective that will provide you with the capability to grow and change as required. From traditional telephone lines through copper and fiber data lines, coaxial cabling, A/V, and security cabling, we are able to accommodate any project from a single cable through a full data center.


  • Traditional Copper Cabling
    • Network
    • Telephone
    • Security Systems
  • Fiber
    • Singlemode/Multimode
    • Indoor/Outdoor
    • Traditional or Air Blown
    • Areal or Direct Bury
  • Audio/Visual
    • Coaxial Cable
    • VGA/DVI
    • HDMI
    • Composite/Component
    • Audio Systems- single room or campus wide