CORONA, CA, June 15, 2013  — Starting next week, IDT (Interactive Data & Telephone) will be offering its new and existing customers an exciting conversion service transitioning clients pre-existing legacy office phones to in house dedicated phone systems. With a dedicated phone system, total cost of ownership is greatly reduced in regards to no more monthly service fees put on by telecommunication operators.

“Call waiting, a simple technology from a simple time. A time when both grunge and Vanilla Ice were relevant. Back in those days the epitome of modern telephone technology summed up to being able to three-way a conference call. And sure it did it’s job, being able to make a call. But that was almost two decades ago and it’s time to step up to something that submits to the standards of the modern world. Let’s leave the legacy business phone system in it’s rightful place at the museum and move on to 2013. Welcome to the world of Voice Over Internet Protocol. Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP for short, is a dedicated phone system ran on the internet based solely on your connection. No need for telephone poles or landlines. All you need is a router and a stable internet provider.

The main question people ask is what does VOIP actually do that your lovable legacy phone can’t. Have you ever tried to reach someones office number when they weren’t currently onsite? Well with a VOIP Business Phone System an office call can automatically transfer to their cellular number, even if they were all the way out in the serengeti. VOIP offers enterprises features such as caller ID, dialing straight from a contact list, an automated receptionist, the ability to use your cell to make calls using your office line, and other great features. And you were amazed when your phone could play your favorite springsteen song as a ringtone.

The next thing to remember is this: money talks. The cost saving effectiveness VOIP has over a legacy business phone system is exponential. The factoring cost with a standard legacy phone is usage. You pay for how many minutes you use. Then take into account the long distance fees with each area and your bill can fluctuate incredibly. A one hour call to Japan just costed you the price of admission into Disneyland. VOIP services are simpler than that. They offer unlimited local and long distance for one low rate. You can have a 36 hour conversation with a man from Finland and your bill would never change. And that’s just the start: down to the last cent, both hardware and software, VOIP is significantly cheaper than the same equipment you would need to run an old legacy phone. Maintenance is also cheaper and takes less time. Remember those days of waiting at the house between 10 and 5? Say goodbye to that!

Let’s face it, the legacy phone has had it’s time in the sun. It’s always going to have that place in your heart. But VOIP is the next leader in the telecommunication world. Between the more advance features and the ease of use to the cost effectiveness, isn’t it the smarter choice? It’s time to retire that old legacy phone in the attic.”

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