Interactive Data & Telephone (IDT) is offering new applications and tools for contact centers to make customer service a breeze.

Starting next week, Interactive Data & Telephone is launching their new apps and tools to manage the way business handle customer service. With new features and options, the way businesses work with customers has never been easier!

“What’s the worst moment you’ve had dealing with customer service? I feel that the average call usually breaks down in a similar way. You call to make a comment or complaint about a product. You have to navigate through a series of codes that makes binary seem like child’s play. Then once you finally found what you’re looking for, you’re put on hold for what seems to be an eternity before someone human actually picks up. The next you know you’re dealing with a series of back and forth arguments between the customer services rep, their “manager”, and you. The end usually results in either you resolving your issue, or you feeling that you go cheated because there “isn’t anything they could do”. This type of thing happens more than it should and every business should do something to change.

As we all know if the customer is satisfied, they’ll keep coming back. So what can we do about this issue? Well Interactive Data & Telephone is proud to announce it’s very own IDT Contact Center Solutions! With these new options, you have all the tools you need to provide the perfect customer service.

The key to providing great customer service is providing a perfectly managed contact center. Having a contact center that is quick, efficient, and cost-effective will give you the edge against the competition. With IDT, we can enhance the contact center operation in a variety of important ways including:

  • Efficient call handling

  • Faster response to callers

  • More efficient handling of peak hours traffic

  • Effective back-up coverage

  • Increased agent productivity

  • Simplified staffing requirements

  • Increased management control

  • Ability to grow with your business to protect your investment

To achieve these goals, IDT offers a series of applications with their service that makes the customer service game easier. Our Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) ensures that calls are handled quickly and efficiently. The system runs as an application on the Media Application Server (MAS), along with call reporting, Call Manager, voice mail, and other value-added Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) applications. With our Network ACD applications enable multi-site contact centers to work together as one call routing system. To make life a little easier we also provide Multimedia Web Chat and Web Callback. These features enable online customers to initiate an instant messaging chat session with a contact center agent. And lastly, we also offer various tools such as call reporting, call recording, tracer and much more to make the system run as smoothly as possible.

A successful business relies on great customer service. With IDT, we help provide those tools to meet those expectations. For a more information and a comprehensive list of our applications and tools, visit our website at

IDT is the market leader in the field of Business Phone Systems. Offering the experience, resources and support, we will take your business to the next level. We offer cutting edge technology and products to suit any budget with financing options available. From voice, data, surveillance, and structured cabling, we will help you take on your project!